About Us

Mapleview Farms is a modern cash crop farm located south of London, Ontario. It is owned and operated by the Cook family who have farmed the core acreage since 1825. Our primary business is high volume production of food, fuel and fibre feedstock including corn, soybeans, edible beans and wheat. We also produce significant quantities of vegetables for processing such as sweet corn, green peas, snap beans, and lima beans in cooperation with Canada’s leading vegetable processing company. In addition, we grow hay and market it throughout the region. Our diversified array of crops proves to be a great fit in terms of crop rotation and has many benefits pertaining to soil fitness, risk management and overall profitability.

In today’s world of crop production, as demand for global agri-resources surpasses record levels, there has been an unconscious shift from agriculture to agribusiness as the realm of economics intensifies its influence on the sector. In this environment it becomes easy to lose sight of values and connections which have come to fruition through many years of interaction with the land we cultivate, however Mapleview Farms works to preserve this age-old connection and aspires to convey this throughout all aspects of our operation.



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