Mapleview Farms has been producing crops while respecting and sustaining the Earth since the early 19th century and will continue to do so in the future. With a new generation coming on board it is of utmost importance the productivity of our soils remains high in the long term. This is achieved through beneficial practices such as conservation tillage systems, finely tuned fertility programs and the use of cover crops, which ensure we provide the land with as much as we reap.

Mapleview Farms takes advantage of new technologies, including GPS auto-guidance which reduces pesticide application and fuel consumption. Weed and insect control programs are designed to minimize genetic probability that certain species become resistant to common crop protection products which have become critical to obtaining optimum yields. This consistent management precision is complimented by government programs such as the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) which aid in our environmental responsibility.

Currently we are able to build upon environmentally friendly cropping practices and develop new and innovative ideas that work to improve the biosphere, all the while sustaining our profitability.



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